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About the Gallery & Studio

We are an art gallery and painting & printmaking studio in Essex, CT, run by two artists. Our Gallery showcases our own works and those of other artists we admire, and hosts opening receptions, drop-in drawing sessions, artist talks, Art Movie Nights, and more. To hear about these, follow us on Instagram &/or sign up for email updates.

Behind the Gallery is our Painting Printmaking Studio, where we engage in the marvelous, mysterious, magical, occasionally maddening process of Making Art. We paint, draw, and make monotypes, wood- and linocuts, etchings and intaglio prints. These are original works of art created by hand using a wide range of printmaking techniques and pulled, by hand, on our lovely Takach and Ettan etching presses. We offer printmaking classes, as well as one-on-one instruction.

It is our passion to share our love of all things art. If you enjoy art, we invite you to explore our Gallery. And if you're curious what printmaking is all about, come by the Studio - we'll be happy to show you around.!

About Us

We are artists and art lovers. For us, the Gallery is a place to make and introduce our art, engage with art lovers & artists, and support artists by showcasing their work. Most of all, it is a way to share our passion and skills with others and to contribute to the Connecticut River & Shoreline arts community.


Karen (MK) Wynn is a painter and printmaker:  I use monotype, relief, drypoint, etching, and other intaglio printmaking processes and paint in a wide range of media. I offer individualized and small-group art instruction in our Studio. Contact me if you're interested! 


Ernie "Andre" Kirslis is an artisan, artist and designer:  I enjoy working with my hands, and have a broad range of skills I use in fine art, design, and working with wood, metal and other materials.  


Aji is our Whoodle-In-Chief. She supervises our work and the studio, and reminds us to play. Here she's conducting a Quality Control inspection on an ink rollout.

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