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We are artists and art lovers. For us, the Gallery is a place to make and introduce our art, engage with art lovers and artists, and support other artists by showcasing their work. Most of all, it is a way to share our passion and skills with others and to contribute to the Connecticut River & Shoreline arts community.


Karen (MK) Wynn is a painter and printmaker:  I use monotype, relief, drypoint, etching, and other intaglio printmaking processes and paint in a wide range of media. I offer individualized and small-group art instruction in our Studio. Contact me if you're interested! 


Ernie "Andre" Kirslis is an artisan, artist and designer:  I enjoy working with my hands, and have a broad range of skills I use in fine art, design, and working with wood, metal and other materials.  


Aji is our Whoodle-In-Chief. She supervises our work and the studio, and reminds us to play. Here she's conducting a Quality Control inspection on an ink rollout.

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