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Art Movie Nights!


We love Art. We love Movies. So how could we not be crazy about Art Movies? All kinds of Art Movies - movies about artists. Movies about art. Art documentaries, Art dramas. Movies that are works of art. Timeless classics, experimental Indie movies. Even Hollywood Art Heist movies! And - we love a large screen, and especially, bringing people together, and the shared experience of watching a movie together with other people.  


So, here's the deal. Our job is to pick the movie*, announce the showtime, set up the chairs, pull out the projector and show the movie. We'll usually also have on hand some simple, not-elaborate snacks &/or refreshments. All for free!  


Your job is to show up, prepared to enjoy a Shared Art Movie Experience with other art/movie lovers. That's it! 

*We'd love your suggestions for candidate movies, both longtime favorites, and ones you've wanted to see but haven't had the opportunity. 

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