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February Printmaking Class:

Exploring Monotype & Drypoint

Email Verdigris Gallery to register

Monotype prints are one-of-a-kind, unique works of art made by drawing, painting, rolling & spreading inks on a plate, and manipulating them to create an image that is then transferred onto paper. It is often considered the most painterly type of printmaking. Multiple plates can be printed overtop each other onto the same paper; distinct layers of inks overlapping and interacting with each other can create beautiful translucencies in the final work of art. Drypoint involves altering the physical surface of the plate to create permanent lines & textures in the plate itself – so multiple prints can be created containing these elements. This enables an artist to create an edition of identical prints; it also, excitingly, allows the artist to create a series of prints each of which is unique, but which relate to each other by having shared elements. These two techniques easily and naturally combine with each other, and give the printmaker limitless ways to create line, marks, textures, and to develop his or her own artistic expression.

          Wednesdays 1:00 – 4:00pm

          February 7, 14, 21, 28*

          Verdigris Gallery

          $300 (materials included)

All materials will be provided; we will use non-toxic, ecologically friendly printmaking inks. Classes will be held in Verdigris Gallery's studio in Essex, CT, a fully-appointed printmaking studio with inks, glass-top worktables, rollers & brayers, and our Takach and Ettan etching presses. 

This will be a small group of not more than 3-4 adults. Both those new to printmaking and those with printmaking experience are welcome. An advantage of being a small group is flexibility, and time for individualized instruction and discussion of your ideas & goals (if you're coming in with some).

*Make-up session(s) in case of cancelation due to weather will be March 13; followed by March 20 (if needed).


If you're interested but can't do Wednesday afternoons, let us know - a second session of this class on a different day/time may be added if there's sufficient interest.

About the Instructor: 

MK Wynn is an artist - primarily painter & printmaker - and co-owner of Verdigris Gallery. She has spent most of her adult life teaching psychology, and more recently painting, drawing & printmaking, to both children and adults. She is a member of the Monotype Guild of New England, the Center for Contemporary Printmaking, and Zea Mays Printmaking Studio where she has done several Artist Residencies as well as participated in many of their workshops and their mentorship program. She is ZMP-certified in ecologically-friendly intaglio etching techniques.

Artist website:

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